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Stellarium 0.20.4

Stellarium is a free open source software that allows you to create a planetarium on your computer. It displays a realistic 3D sky, as you can see it with the naked eye, binoculars or telescope.

After installing Stellarium on your computer, you need to set the directions and enjoy. The software contains an index of over 600,000 stars and the ability to refresh the information base, which allows you to see asterisms, celestial bodies (from over 15 unique societies), nebulae, planets, satellites and a reasonably delivered Milky Way.

The software also gives you a revolutionary zoom that allows you to control the weather and many decorations, for example, twinkling stars or meteors, reenactments of major events, the ability to add false satellites and environmentally friendly scenes.

Download Stellarium for Windows

In addition, if you are passionate about Astronomy, Stellarium reveals the beauties of the universe to you. It supports Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. You can observe representations of constellations, deep sky objects (full Messier catalog) and navigate through the Milky Way and into the solar system to discover the planets and their satellites. With a powerful zoom, you can control the time and launch spherical mirror-type projections to make your own planetarium.

In addition to that, Stellarium has many visualizations: equatorial and azimuthal grids, star twinkling, shooting stars, eclipse simulation and allows you to modify background landscape, with a panorama in spherical projection.

Major Changelog:

  • Added Calendars plugin
  • Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium
  • Many changes in plugins
  • Updated DSO catalog

TitleStellarium 0.20.4
File name
File size254.82 MB / 64 bit, 251.44 MB / 32 bit
Supported OSAll Windows Versions
LanguagesMultiple languages
LicenseOpen source
Date added28 December, 2020
AuthorFabien Chereau and Noctua Software
CategoryWindows Apps, Astronomy, Sciences, Others.

Download Stellarium 0.20.4 for Windows

64 bit:

32 bit:



Linux source:

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